kendall and kylie in coachella

Happy Birthday Kourtney Mary Kardashian - April 18 1979

Kendall and Kylie for Marie Claire Mexico

Kendall and Kylie for Madden Girl

klasssykylie said:

i just started my blog a few days ago, i love your blog would you mind following me back? and maybe telling your followers to follow me? thankyou xx love ya

sure! thank you love xo. FOLLOW THIS PRETTY GUYS 


I like being sent legit anon asks it’s like being interviewed by a fan

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nxtperfect said:

hey, i was wondering if you know if anybody or a site where tonights episode is being streamed as i dont have E! Thankyou<3 (love your blog)

i’m so sorry but I dont know! but tomorrow or maybe tuesday the episode will be available online. and thank you!